How it Works

Step 1

Search the Data You Need

Step 2

Select from Search Results

Step 3

Look through Attribute Dictionary, Filter Attribute

Step 4

Filter and Select

Step 5

Click Access Data to Download

Step 6

Visualize and Analyze Data using the Analyzer Tool

Analyzer Features

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My Favorite Dashboard Select Dashboards that contain the data you care the most. Eliminate need to search same data again
Visualization Tool Change Chart grouping, combine different attributes into one chart and change data hierarchy
Download in Excel World Data is converted into a Proprietary Format that allows you to easily download and analyze data
Download Reports Download data in PDF and create beautiful report

Toggle between Time Level Data and Location Data

Location level data pulls all locations at a snapshot of time

Add Data Types to Chart
Change Chart Type Select from Column, Stack, Tree, Line and more
Descriptive Statistics Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation
My Favorite Chart Store them in My Favorites and eliminate need to search data again
Visualize Data on a Map
View Data View and Download Chart Data
Download Chart as Picture Use this for making your own Reports!

Click on Chart Legends and Change them

  • Change the presentation of each Attribute on a Chart
  • Turn Attributes On or Off on Chart by clicking on Attribute Color

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